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Can I access facebook location (latitude,longitude) from status update ? is there any API for that?? Please suggest me, If you know any resources about it.

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You don't need a different API for that. And to the best of my knowledge, there is no separate API for pulling out location details from a Status Update.

That being said, any Status Update that has a location specified will return something like this:

"place": {
        "id": "243114582418387", 
        "name": "Pune!!", 
        "location": {
          "latitude": 18.51759564, 
          "longitude": 73.83373153

The above sample is from one of Status Updates that I fetched using this Graph API query: USER_ID/posts?with=location. However, you will still get the same structure even if you were to say, query using USER_ID/home or USER_ID/feed.

All you really have to do is check if the Status Update has a "place" tag and if available, parse the result. The structure above has the latitude and longitude under the "location" tag.

I work primarily on Android, and since you haven't tagged your platform in your post I cannot help out with the actual code. But the logic, I'm sure can be used on any platform.

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