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I made a web service endpoint and exposed a method now i wanna add more parameter to my method
so each time i change in my method i have to regenerate my client. Is there any way so that i
dont have to generate my client again and again.

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No, there is no way. If you change the method then the WSDL file is changed also. Web services communicates through SOAP between client and server. When you deploy your web service application and it has been changed, so how then client supposed to know if there is a new method or a new parameters added if the classes was generated from the old WSDL file. Client will send a SOAP request according to the old WSDL and the server won't be able to understand the SOAP message received from the client if there was any changes made to WSDL part related to the received message.

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You could design a better webservice/endpoint that accepts a standalone xml document as argument so that the operation signature stays the same, even when you add more parameters.

More generally, it's bad form for a web service to expose it operations as literal method signatures.

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