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Using jEasyUI, I want to perform a Master/Detail lookup from a table.




A       B
----    -----
10 10,  Cat,20
10 10,  Cow,2
10 10,  Chicken,11
12 12,  Pig,2

When I click on 10 in the Master table dg1 above, I want Detail table dg2 to update to show B as belonging to A.

Can someone help to set up the onclick event which will do this?

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can u post ur output (how u want ur data)... this is bit confusing.. –  bipen Nov 1 '12 at 8:12

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Try this,(onclickrow event of dg1)


    var row = $("#dg1").datagrid('getSelected'); 

     url: 'getdetaildata.action?masterid='})  

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