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I am a newbie in TCL and in need of a TCL method / utility / code which can find and remove all characters (including itself) in a string from its first occurrence in a string.

I have a string like below:


In the above string I need to find first occurrence of '(' and remove all it and after that so that the resultant string would be just:

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You can do it with a regular expression:

set the_string [regsub {\(.*} $the_string ""]

or if you're not familiar with regexp then you can do it the more traditional way:

set the_string [
    string range $the_string 0 [
        expr {[string first "(" $the_string]-1}

For further info, read the manual pages for [string], [regsub] and [re_syntax].

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Thanks it works fine and expected –  Prakash Nov 1 '12 at 5:56
I would add $ to the end of the regex to make its purpose more clear. It would then look like {\(.*$} –  kostix Nov 1 '12 at 10:03

Another technique is to use split and lindex:

set the_string [lindex [split $the_string "("] 0]

This is short and simple, but may do a lot of extra work if your string is very long.

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