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I'm new to Python. I'm trying to run this script (gencards.py) in Windows, but he says I need to run "the qrencode command". I assume that means this library, or the more likely the windows port.

In the python script, he uses qrencode as so:

os.system("qrencode -o .tempqr.png -s 30 -m 0 -l H " + serial)

I've installed the windows library via the executable, I added qrcode.exe to PATH, and tried editing gencards.py to use "qrcode" or "qrcode.exe" but I always get

'qrcode' is not recognized as an intrnal or external command, operable program or batch file.

What am I doing wrong?

I'm using Python 2.7 on Windows7 x64.

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the error message means that Windows does not know what to do with qrcode. Check if it's installed in your system, and if it's directory is included in your PATH environment variable

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thank you, this was my problem. I needed to include the directory in the PATH, not the directory\filename.exe It's my first day with PATH, thanks for the help –  J Knight Nov 1 '12 at 7:04

Try to break the problem down, by first checking if you can run the programm (btw, is it 'grencode' or 'grcode'?) using a command prompt. If you can't then check your PATH settings again. When you succeeded with the command prompt get back to your python script.

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