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After reading this tutorial I ran into this $data = $_POST; or $data = $_GET and then this is executed $data['data']; So I am assuming its either $_POST['data'] or $_GET['data']. This is in the context of a rest api http request.

My question is, where the heck did that 'data' element come from? Is that some sort of native post or get element? Testing its out with var_dump doesn't reveal anything.

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That tutorial states: "There are a few ways we could go about doing this, but let’s just assume that we’ll always get a key/value pair in our request: ‘data’ => actual data. Let’s also assume that the actual data will be JSON." –  DCoder Nov 1 '12 at 7:08

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"Data" is a key of the value you have sent to server. For example you can send GET request to your script like this http://localhost/myscript.php?data=mysuperdatawillbehere Or you can send post request by creating form which will be send POST request to your script or by using cURL or you can install some plugin for your browser to emulate requests. I use poster for firefox

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All $_POST or $_GET parameters are returned to array ! and users can accessing them by refer the array objects For example :

$_POST --> Array("title" => "value") --> and access it by --> $_POST['title']

only that, hope it can help !!

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Thanks for the input but I already know that post and get vars in php are arrays. What I am asking is why is it I see a post array with a data element when I did not see it set anywhere. Presumably a post would have to be made to the server with data = something in order for it to appear. In the tutorial that is never shown. –  user1464296 Nov 1 '12 at 7:14

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