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sorry my english is poor, hope someone can understand what I said the code like this

 class Point
int x_, y_;
Point(int x, int y):x_(x), y_(y){}
void Test(Local<Object> & obj)
    //Local<Value> value = ref->Get(String::New("onconnect"));

    printf("%d", ref->Get(String::New("getX")));

 Handle<Value> PointConstructor(const Arguments& args)

     Point *p = new Point(x, y);

     object->SetInternalField(0, External::New(p));

     return object; 


 Handle<String> script = String::New("var p = new Point(20, 0); p.onconnect = function(){}; log(p.getX())");

   Handle<Script> compiled_script = Script::Compile(script);

method "Test" mybe a async call, run in anthor thread, when it run completed i what call the js method"onconnect" how can i invoke the js mothod:onconnect in method Test()?

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I write this from memory, some types or calls may be slightly different. Assuming Test receives the Point reference:

void Test(Local<Object> obj)
   String funName = String::New("onconnect");
   if (obj->Has(funName)){
     Local<Value> fun = obj->Get(funName);
     // would suggest to check additionally whether it actually is a function
     Local<Value> args[] = {}; // empty arguments
     Local<Value> result = fun->AsObject()->CallAsFunction(obj, 0, args);
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