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I'm trying to use vim-latex, and as the existing templates are annoyingly simple and unsatisfactory, I'm trying to build some of my own. However, after composing my own templates and stored in "/ftplugin/latex-suite/templates", nothing happens. The software simply won't scan for new templates. Did I miss some steps to make it work?

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I found out what's happening. If there's any one who ran into a similar problem, please check whether you have installed that plugin in your OS repo. I'm using fedora, and accidentally installed vim-latex from the repo, thus the place those templates are really located is


So either remove the add-on installed from the OS repo and reinstall it in "~/.vim/", or copy the templates to that folder is the solution to this problem.

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I experienced the same problem using Xubuntu. There the template files are stored at /usr/share/vim/addons/ftplugin/latex-suite/templates/. But simply adding a new template file there won't create a new menu entry in gvim: you must also make a soft link from your new template file in the directory above to /var/lib/vim/addons/ftplugin/latex-suite/templates/your_new_template.tex

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