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I want to search whether a columns is participating in a computed column expression.

I came up with this

    (select name 
     from sys.columns 
     where column_id = sys.sql_expression_dependencies.referencing_minor_id 
     and object_id = sys.sql_expression_dependencies.referencing_id) as [dependant_column]
FROM sys.sql_expression_dependencies
WHERE referencing_minor_id > 0 
    and referencing_class = 1 
    and referenced_class = 1 
    and object_name(referencing_id) = 'trns1'
    and referenced_minor_id = (select column_id 
                           from sys.columns 
                           where name = 'class1' 
                           and OBJECT_NAME(object_id) = 'trns1')

Please help.

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It would help if you explained what the problem/error is –  Tom Redfern Nov 1 '12 at 14:22
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You want to look at the sys.computed_columns table:

select name, definition 
from sys.computed_columns

This is a very similar question: SQL Server: Computed Column defintions retrievable from Database?

There are probably some more kicking around.

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I've added some code to my question. Can you approve of it? –  Soham Dasgupta Nov 1 '12 at 9:00
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