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I have a DotNetNuke website and I wish to remove the maximize, minimize buttons throughout the website. Is there any other way to do that without selecting "None" in the container settings? Thanks in advance.

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The simplest method of doing this is through the settings of your modules. Go to Settings -> Page Settings, then select 'None' at 'Collapse/Expand:'.

In older versions of DNN 'Allow Print?' was checked as the default and I would uncheck that box as well, to get rid of that icon.

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The min/max buttons are part of the container, so if you can edit the container file, you should be able to remove them pretty easily.

Find the <dnn:VISIBILITY ... /> tag in the container file and remove it. The container file will be in one of the Portals subdirectories (most likely _default, but possible in the directory of the specific site on which the containers are installed). From that directory, find Containers\[ContainerName], and then the .ascx file(s) for the container(s) you want to change.

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