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I want to show InMobi ad in my app. When InMobi ad is not showing (InMobi not success) I want to show adMob ad. How can I check that InMobi is success. Also is showing ad.

I know that Madvertise has a Callbacklistener.

 madView = (MadvertiseView) findViewById(R.id.layoutMadView);
 madView.setMadvertiseViewCallbackListener(new MadvertiseViewCallbackListener() {
 public void onLoaded(boolean success, MadvertiseView arg1) {
    if (success) {
       // Madvertise ad
    } else {
       // adMob ad

I tried to change this to InMobi, but its not working.

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What do you mean by MAdvertise ? I don't see any official documentation either for this class.

If you want to show ads from multiple providers, you can use Ad Network Mediation. It also allows you to set preference order of advertisers.

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