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I have a button, a div and a select combo-box

I want to execute a particular function on click of the button, on mouseenter in div and onchange and blur of the combobox

I do this right now


   // do my stuff

$("#comboID").bind('blur change',function(){

   // do my stuff


   // do my stuff

I do the same stuff everytime. I want to combine all the events together to avoid duplication is there a way to bind each one of the elements with specific events in one statement

I know I can write the code in a separate function and call it each time(solves duplication).

But I want to know can this be done without a separate function and only jQuery

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You have seprate event with seprate selectors so one selector or event is not enough, you can map ids and events. I think jquery could not help much to make it single statment.

Live Demo

arrIDs = ['divID','comboID','buttonID'];
arrEvents = ['mouseenter','blur change','click'];

for(idx=0; idx < arrIDs.length; idx++) 
    $("#" + arrIDs[idx] ).bind(arrEvents[idx], yourFunction);

function yourFunction(event)
    alert("yourFunction call by " + event.target.id);  
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Excellent...But still(logically) the binding statement is executed trice....Is there any jQuery api that would allow all of it in a single compound statement.... –  Sangeet Menon Nov 1 '12 at 9:40
jquery also executes these kind of operation repeadely but hidden from us. –  Adil Nov 1 '12 at 9:42

Not in one statement, since you want to attach different events to different elements. But you can declare a single callback-function that you call for all events.

var callback = function () {
  // do my stuff

$("#divID").bind('mouseenter', callback);
$("#comboID").bind('blur change', callback);
$("#buttonID").bind('click', callback);
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If you don't use jquery you can always set set the other events to be equal to the first.. but good practice will be creating a separate function

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