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Struggling a bit with this, I have a datasheet form which lists the ID and other info for each record. So far I have found some VBA code which will open each ID as a hyperlink and pass that into another form.

The problem I have is I wanted the form to open in a popup or modal window, my code so far is:

    Private Sub ID_Click()
    Dim varWhereClause As String
    varWhereClause = "ID = " & Me!ID
    DoCmd.OpenForm "Copy Of test", , , varWhereClause
    End Sub
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DoCmd.OpenForm "Copy Of test", , , varWhereClause, ,acDialog

Though this will be pop-up and modal.

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Actually, using acDialoog means the form is dialog, but NOT popup. There is a difference between modal forms and dialog forms. And there is a difference between dialog forms and popup forms (and in fact a big difference between model forms and popup forms also!). So, a model form is <> to a dialog form. And a popup form is <> to a model form. They each have a VERY different behavior and different use case. For example a popup form can be displayed on top of other forms but NOT require to have the focus (as a result a popup form is often used for wizard type of forms or help type displays). –  Albert D. Kallal Nov 2 '12 at 21:28
If you're going to put a long message correcting something someone said, at least be right. I made no attempt to indicate that modal and pop-up are synonyms, I simply indicated that using acDialog opens as a pop-up and modal. AcWindowMode Enumeration –  Daniel Cook Nov 2 '12 at 23:57

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