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Here's my error:

NHibernate.ObjectNotFoundException: No row with the given identifier exists[Project.Core.Entities.User#(GUID)]
at Hibernate.Impl.SessionFactoryImpl.DefaultEntityNotFoundDelegate.HandleEntityNotFound(String entityName, Object id) 
at NHibernate.Event.Default.DefaultLoadEventListener.Load(LoadEvent event, IEntityPersister persister, EntityKey keyToLoad, LoadType options)

One of the users of the system chanced upon getting this error, which doesn't make sense to me entirely. What I do know:

  1. A Teacher table REFERENCES a User table.
  2. Somehow the Teacher table has a row that references to a row in the User's table, but that row doesn't exist in the User's table.

Any idea why is this happening? Please advise!

Rephrase my Qn:

I know what does the error meant, however I don't seem to figure out what caused the missing user row? I have placed it all on Cascade.ALL. I don't think it's related to deletion. What are the possible scenarios the above may happen?

Edit 2:

Please refer to the mapping via FNH: Any issues with this?

public void Override(AutoMapping<Teacher> mapping)
        mapping.References(x => x.User).Cascade.All().Not.LazyLoad();


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The error message seems clear enough. Can you elaborate on what you have done to troubleshoot this or what is unclear? Is the user present in the table? – Oskar Berggren Nov 1 '12 at 13:00
@OskarBerggren, slight rephrased. :) – RicL Nov 1 '12 at 13:21

I set the 'Not Found' property to 'Ignore'

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I guess you are missching a FK constrain in your database, otherwise you will not have any missing records on a FK relation. Add the FK and Cascade rules in your database, then you cann't have any 'missing row exceptions'. A error will be raised when you try to do something which is not in line with your database model.

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Hi, I have added a portion of my FNH mapping. Anything wrong with the mapping? Please kindly advise. Thanks! – RicL Nov 1 '12 at 14:34
Is the foreign key relationship defined in the database? – Oskar Berggren Nov 2 '12 at 9:19

Try that...

public void Override(ModelMapper modelMapper) {
    modelMapper.Class<T>(c => { 
        c.ManyToOne(m => m.FKObj, r => {
            r.NotFound(NotFoundMode.Ignore); // THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!

Or this... if you have an "Conventions" file...

First handles the BeforeMapManyToOne event:

mapper.BeforeMapManyToOne += Mapper_OnBeforeMapManyToOne;

And then set the NotFound to Ignore by default...

private static void Mapper_OnBeforeMapManyToOne(IModelInspector modelInspector, PropertyPath propertyPath, IManyToOneMapper manyToOneMapper) {
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In Fluent NHibernate for C#, I've used

HasManyToMany(x => x.Bars).Table("foobars")
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If you are using a .hbm.xml mapping file then the "not found" setting can be applied in there to the mapping, e.g.

<many-to-one name="User" column="User" not-found="ignore" />

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