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I'm developing application using Bottle. In my registration form, I'm confirming email by mail with a unique key. I'm storing this key in REDIS with expiry of 4 days. If user does not confirm email within 4 days, key gets expired. for this, I want to permanently delete the user entry from my database(mongoDB).

Ofcourse I dont require continous polling to my redis server to check whether key exists or not.

Is there any way to get a callback from Redis??

OR is there any other efficient way?

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Please see Notification of key expiration in redis python for an up-to-date answer. –  André Laszlo Nov 9 '14 at 21:03

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This feature implemented in Redis 2.8, read about it here http://redis.io/topics/notifications

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There are no such callbacks in redis (not that I know of).

I would do it like this:

  • when user signs up, put his id into a sorted set where the score is a timestamp (now + 4 days) and member is user id.
  • have a periodic job that gets all records from that sorted set where timestamp is in the past.
  • loop through those user ids and take actions (if he didn't confirm - delete all user's data).
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More information in stackoverflow.com/questions/11810020/… –  Didier Spezia Nov 1 '12 at 10:04
Great technique, something I will copy if you do not mind ^_^ –  Henley Chiu Sep 21 '13 at 22:08

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