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I don't know if this question is so stupid but...

How can i add a newline character to a database registry? I just want to add a new line character after the input that is shown to the user in the edit or add form.

For example:

//edit view
echo $this->Form->input('reply_above');

I want to send a mail with some information and this string should be at the top separate from the rest of the mail message by a newline.

I have tried this at the edit action in the controller:

$this->request->data['Setting']['reply_separator'].= '<br />';

But then, when i use the mail function it shows the <br /> instead of printing it. (and i really don't want to send the mail in HTML format)

The texts stored on the database don't use a <br /> for new lines. What do they use instead? I have also tried \n but it doesn't work either.



I could be able to add a new line doing this in the edit controller before saving the data:


But it really doesn't look like a good solution plus i can not add more than one newline with this method. Any solutions?

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This is your new line character: "\n".

Edit: Be sure to use double quotes not single quote.

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Ok. The problem was that i was using '\n' instead of double quotes. This worked fine $email->send($x."\n".$y); but this didn't $email->send($x.'\n'.$y); –  Alvaro Nov 1 '12 at 16:54
You need to learn the difference between a string and literal in PHP :) –  ADmad Nov 1 '12 at 16:55
Ok, suddently it stop working. I didnt change anything and it no longer works with "\n"... –  Alvaro Nov 9 '12 at 10:24

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