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What is the maximum length of a URL?

What is the maximum limit on say img "src" path in HTML/XML? Is this mentioned in any specification that I can look at? For e.g. following img tag is what I'm specifically concerned about:

img class="frame-1" src="image/Blue%20hills12345678012345678.jpg" alt="Blue%20hills123456780123456789012345678901234567891111aa.jpg"

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According to the HTML spec, the src attribute contains a URI (usually a URL). There's, AFAIK, no standard max bound on the size of a URI, but see this answer for some practical limits.

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Thanks larsmans, that answers my question. I assume its the same for xml as well. –  arvin Nov 1 '12 at 11:29
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The specifications doesn't limit the size of an URL, but browsers do.

Older versions of Internet Explorer has the shortest limitation, at about 2048 characters.

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