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I am using prepared statement for bulk insertion of records. Iam iterating a list which contains values and their dataTypes differ. One of the data type is BigDecimal and when i try to set calling preparedstatement, it is throwing null pointer exception.

My code

                int count = 1;
                for (int j = 0; j < list.size(); j++) {                     
                    if(list.get(j) instanceof Timestamp) {
                        ps.setTimestamp(count,  (Timestamp) list.get(j));       
                    } else if(list.get(j) instanceof java.lang.Character) {
                        ps.setString(count, String.valueOf(list.get(j)));
                    else if(list.get(j) instanceof java.math.BigDecimal) {
                        ps.setBigDecimal(count, (java.math.BigDecimal)list.get(j));
                    } else {
                        ps.setObject(count, list.get(j));   

I tried 2 ways to convert, casting the object and tried to create a new object of type BigDecimal

ps.setBigDecimal(count, new BigDecimal(list.get(j).toString));

both donot solve my problem. It is throwing null pointer exception.

help is appreciated.


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Can we see your stacktrace and the precise line that's throwing it ? –  Brian Agnew Nov 1 '12 at 11:02
Why do you need the "instanceof java.math.BigDecimal" branch? Why not use ps.setObject(count, list.get(j)) if you already have BigDecimal in the list? –  Dan Iliescu Nov 1 '12 at 11:10
thanks for the replies, the problem was i was closing my preparedstatement and setting the preparedstatement to null inside try catch block inside the for loop. The issue is resolved. Thanks Brian and Dan for your valuable time. –  Srikanth Sridhar Nov 1 '12 at 12:15

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Here is a solution I found, it seems to be useful for all kind of Object to primitive types.

public static BigDecimal getBigDecimal( Object value ) {
    BigDecimal ret = null;
    if( value != null ) {
        if( value instanceof BigDecimal ) {
            ret = (BigDecimal) value;
        } else if( value instanceof String ) {
            ret = new BigDecimal( (String) value );
        } else if( value instanceof BigInteger ) {
            ret = new BigDecimal( (BigInteger) value );
        } else if( value instanceof Number ) {
            ret = new BigDecimal( ((Number)value).doubleValue() );
        } else {
            throw new ClassCastException("Not possible to coerce ["+value+"] from class "+value.getClass()+" into a BigDecimal.");
    return ret;

here is the link: http://www.java2s.com/Code/Java/Data-Type/ConvertObjecttoBigDecimal.htm

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