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I have several clover.xml reports of different extensions of a projects. I want to combine them into one clover.xml and then create it into a clover html. But i see no way with the phpunit classes PHP_CodeCoverage, PHP_CodeCoverage_Report_HTML, PHP_CodeCoverage_Report_Clover.

None of these classes accept an existing clover.xml. I thought I might be able to work with the methods append and merge of PHP_CodeCoverage. But that does not accept files.

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Same problem here. It's a matrix build. Each clover.xml has certain skips. While the merged clover.xml shouldn't have them. PHPUnit does not provide a coverage merging util. –  Jens-André Koch Nov 10 '12 at 10:51
I guess it cannot be done. As PHPUnit is using xdebug to find out which lines have been called and which hasn't. To just merge the line coverage seems to be possible. But if you look into the xml file, you'll see that there are other metrics, like statement coverage. For that you need to tokenize the source to decide if a statement (function) has been fully covered or not. –  jkrnak Jan 22 at 17:42

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If you are running jenkins or similar include a php script in your Ant build file to merge the files using SimpleXML

An example is here http://kuttler.eu/post/merging-and-splitting-xml-files-with-simplexml/

Then in your post build actions jenkins will use the clover.xml to generate your code coverage

enter image description here

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But how exactly to merge different coverage XML? I mean based on which XML node? My XML have (roughly) the following structure: <coverage ...> <project ...> <file ...> <class ...> ... </class> <line .../> <line .../> ... </file></project></coverage> –  Obaid Maroof Mar 21 at 13:32
Sorry, but I couldn't find a way to format/structure the XML in the comments section. –  Obaid Maroof Mar 21 at 13:35
Here's an example of how to merge 2 xml reports. Though this is for merging phpcs.xml files the concept is the same.beagile.biz/merge-2-php-code-sniffer-clover-xml-reports –  Josh Woodcock Jul 20 at 15:17

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