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i want to write a Java Application (for University) which uses Latent Drichlet Allocation (LDA). The only Framework i found which offers LDA was Mahout. I have quite some expierience in Java programming, even though i would not consider myself a Java Pro (I am coming from PHP). The application will not be used in a distributed computing context, so the mahout / hadoop way might be a way over the top, but if i am right it should at least work.

My Problem: The Mahout wiki etc. does not really help me, in fact i do not understand a single word. I dont want to use mahout in that "terminal way". I just want to load the classes into my application and kind of do something like that:

documents = obj.load(Documents); mahout.doLDA(documents);

(I know it will not be that easy, but i am sure you know what i mean).


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Mahout's libraries could be used in local mode, without full Hadoop cluster. You can look to examples from "Mahout in Action" book to see how this could be done.

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