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i am using C++ win32 API...

i have these values.

pwdlastset date(ex:25-9-2012), current date(ex:1-11-2012), maxpwdage count(ex 54 days) pwdwarningdays(14 days)...

Now i want to calculate password expiry date...

i have try the below code...

                        else if(lastpwdchmon<currentMonth)

but,i have a problem...

i mean,just i need to calculate how many days between the currentdate & pwdlastset date?

How to achieve this?

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What type of DATE structure are you using? SYSTEMTIME, DATE, FILETIME? – BigBoss Nov 1 '12 at 12:20
@ BigBoss : lastpwdchday is DATE...maxpwdage LONG...but i convert all into integer. – Sanju Monu Nov 1 '12 at 12:26
Convert to ticks. Add appropriate amount of seconds. Turn those ticks into a date. ...? PROFIT!!! – Cole Johnson Nov 1 '12 at 17:05
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DATE is COM approach to hold date/time. its integral part contain number of days from an epoch(doesn't matter here) and fractional part indicate time of the day. So to compute number of days between 2 DATE you can do this:

DATE d1 = get_date1(), d2 = get_date2();
int number_of_days = static_cast<int>( d1 - d2 );

To get current date as DATE you can use:

DATE get_now( bool asUTC = false ) {
    (asUTC ? ::GetSystemTime : ::GetLocalTime)( &stm );
    DATE res;
    SystemTimeToVariantTime( &stm, &res );
    return res;

To convert fields of date/time into DATE you may use:

DATE to_date( int year, WORD month, WORD day,
    WORD h = 0, WORD m = 0, WORD s = 0, WORD ms = 0 )
    SYSTEMTIME stm = { year, month, 0, day, h, m, s, ms };
    DATE res;
    if( !SystemTimeToVariantTime(&stm, &res) ) {/* Handle error */}
    return res;
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how to get get_date1() & get_date2() functions & keywords... – Sanju Monu Nov 2 '12 at 5:35
get_date1 & get_date2 are sample functions, but if you want to get current date, or you have various fields of the date, see my edited answer – BigBoss Nov 2 '12 at 9:01

It's hard to know what your DATE is, but if you've got them all in time_t then just subtract the two and divide the results by 86400 (60*60*24).

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