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In a mono project I want to create a database and use that, and Sqlite-Net is optimzied for mono so would go with that. But I cant find any documentation how to create a database with it. So I just try to connect to it and hope it will say "Database dont exists, I will create one" but I get an exception so that approch dont work

readonly string _pathToDatabase = "Meter_db.db3";
public InstallMeterRepository()
        using (var conn = new SQLite.SQLiteConnection(_pathToDatabase))
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You can also try SQLite2007 Pro Enterprise Manager – alexanoid Mar 26 at 8:32
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If you want to create a new database, you need the driver:

You can check here too: http://

And with this FREEWARE manager, you can do whatever you want with your database: (Recomended!) SQLite2009 Pro Enterprise Manager

Happy develop!


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