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I have a nested MovieClip called theCar which has 6 elements inside it. One of the elements is a transparent rectangle called hit. theCar moves left and right to catch car parts using the keyboard keys. What I want to achieve is a different view of the car depending on which object is caught. The catching of the car parts works correctly as objects[i] but using the code I have loses the hitbox and therefore no further catching occurs. Basically its just a different Catcher movieclip that I want to see. The idea is to build a complete car by adding caught parts. So I have thehitTest for a caught object. So if objects[I] = 2 then the engine will be added. if objects[I] =3 the left wing etc etc.

if (objects[i].hitTestObject(theCar.hit )) 


 //Scores for the Hits
 switch (object1)
 case "[2]":
 score = 2;
 //change viewed object to carpl which shows the car plus engine
 //Movieclip theCar.carpl.view;
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Please edit your question to make it clear. And format the code a bit. I personally don't understand what you want to achieve. –  Valentin Simonov Nov 1 '12 at 13:00

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Your case statement does not evaluate the ordinal index of the objects array.

Instead, it would be by object instance:

switch (object1)
    case object[2]:
        /* ... */
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