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I have a huge database in ms sql. I have a date stored into a field of type: VARCHAR2 I have the code, but it can't compare dates. What I mean? There is an input with a launch date. What I need is to get the launchdate inputs where the launchdate is bigger than a date and smaller than another. The problem is that when I change the year from 2012 to 2013 there are no results. Also when I have dates with 0 (like 01.01.2012) it can't compire them.

What I have so far is:


Can someone help me to get the correct results?


The date is stored as string in this format: yyyy-mm-dd

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first why did you stored dates on string (VARCHAR2)? why not directy DATE or DATETIME? – John Woo Nov 1 '12 at 12:12
Instead of converting to date and then back to varchar, just convert to date. Better still store dates in datetime columns and don't convert anything. – Laurence Nov 1 '12 at 12:13
@John Woo This is an existing database and I'm trying to get the results out of it. :( – Slim Nov 1 '12 at 12:13
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In your WHERE clause you are doing a double conversion unnecessarily and actually comparing VARCHAR not DATETIME

To compare DATETIME following is enough.

CONVERT(DATETIME, p11.pa_value,104) >= CONVERT(DATETIME, '01.01.2012',104)

Or you can CAST

CAST(p11.pa_value AS DATETIME) >= CAST('01.01.2012' AS DATETIME)

EDIT: I think you need to check for NULL values of [t].PA_NAME as well

ISNULL([t].PA_NAME,'') = 'yourString'  --if you need filter null PA_NAME
ISNULL([t].PA_NAME,'yourString') = 'yourString' --if you need to bring null PA_NAME
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there are no results when I run it – Slim Nov 1 '12 at 12:17
Well, it may be due to something else. Check your query or/and data – Kaf Nov 1 '12 at 12:19
It could be any of those PA_NAME are NULL so in that case you can go ISNULL(t.PA_NAME,'') = 'YourString'. Or perhaps you could have them in your WHERE clause. – Kaf Nov 1 '12 at 12:28
p1.PA_VALUE as Quote_number,
p2.PA_VALUE as Project_Name,
p3.PA_VALUE as requestNumber,
p4.PA_VALUE as reqLocation_CHECK,
p5.PA_VALUE as reqActivityCode,
p6.PA_VALUE as reqSegment,
p7.PA_VALUE as reqTotalPRLocalMargin_CHECK,
p8.PA_VALUE as reqDiscountPerc_CHECK,
p10.PA_VALUE as RequisitionerName,
p11.PA_VALUE as Date_Start,
p13.PA_VALUE as reqTotalPRNetNet_CHECK,
p14.PA_VALUE as reqCustomerNumber,
p15.PA_VALUE as Is_Validated

from WP_WorkflowProcess p 
LEFT JOIN PA_PARAMETER p1 on p1.PA_WP_ID=p.WP_ID AND p1.PA_NAME = 'reqQuoteNumber'
LEFT JOIN PA_PARAMETER p2 on p2.PA_WP_ID=p.WP_ID AND p2.PA_NAME = 'reqProjectName'
LEFT JOIN PA_PARAMETER p3 on p3.PA_WP_ID=p.WP_ID AND p3.PA_NAME = 'RequestNumber'
LEFT JOIN PA_PARAMETER p4 on p4.PA_WP_ID=p.WP_ID AND p4.PA_NAME = 'reqCustomerLocation'
LEFT JOIN PA_PARAMETER p5 on p5.PA_WP_ID=p.WP_ID AND p5.PA_NAME = 'reqActivityCode'
LEFT JOIN PA_PARAMETER p6 on p6.PA_WP_ID=p.WP_ID AND p6.PA_NAME = 'reqSegment'
LEFT JOIN PA_PARAMETER p7 on p7.PA_WP_ID=p.WP_ID AND p7.PA_NAME = 'reqTotalPRLocalMargin'
LEFT JOIN PA_PARAMETER p8 on p8.PA_WP_ID=p.WP_ID AND p8.PA_NAME = 'reqDiscountPerc'
LEFT JOIN PA_PARAMETER p10 on p10.PA_WP_ID=p.WP_ID AND p10.PA_NAME = 'RequisitionerName'
LEFT JOIN PA_PARAMETER p11 on p11.PA_WP_ID=p.WP_ID AND p11.PA_NAME = 'LaunchDate'
LEFT JOIN PA_PARAMETER p13 on p13.PA_WP_ID=p.WP_ID AND p13.PA_NAME = 'reqTotalPRNetNet'
LEFT JOIN PA_PARAMETER p14 on p14.PA_WP_ID=p.WP_ID AND p14.PA_NAME = 'reqCustomerNumber'
LEFT JOIN PA_PARAMETER p15 on p15.PA_WP_ID=p.WP_ID AND p15.PA_NAME = 'isValidated'

WHERE p.WP_TYPE = 'EnergyMarketing' 
AND CONVERT(DATETIME, p11.pa_value) >=  CONVERT(DATETIME, '01.01.2012')
AND CONVERT(DATETIME, p11.pa_value) <=  CONVERT(DATETIME, '01.09.2012')
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Its giving me no results :( – Slim Nov 1 '12 at 12:18
please, check whether data is availble for giving where condition: like first remove p.WP_TYPE = 'EnergyMarketing' .. – vikram jain Nov 1 '12 at 12:21
and also check data is avillable between '01.01.2012' and '01.09.2012' – vikram jain Nov 1 '12 at 12:22


WHERE CONVERT(DATETIME, p11.pa_value, 104) >= CONVERT(datetime, '01.01.2012', 104)
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In addition to the other answers regarding the multiple data type conversions, be careful about the format of the date your are presenting in your literal strings. On my SQL server (UK region) the date 01.09.2012 is converted to 2012-01-09 (the 9th January).

Your query may not be returning any data as you are only asking for a 9 days worth of data, not 9 months.

Take a look at the comments under my answer to a sql date problem question regarding the date formats to use.

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