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how i can configure cherokee 1.2 server with uWSGI and web2py? after some googling I read some tutor about configure, but the cherokee version in that tutors are too old. is there any new tutorial or can somebody ste-by-step explain how to deploy web2py app in cherokee? my system is Ubuntu 12.04, all dependents were installed, uWSGI was installed and cherokee too. my web2py folder located in /var/web2py with config.xml in it for uWSGI params. config.xml content is:

<app mountpoint="/">

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You can find a thoroughgoing description of just this type of setup in the book "web2py Application Development Cookbook." Here's the config.xml given in the text:


After that's in place, you're instructed to run the uWSGI stack as the user who owns the web2py installation: $ uWSGI -d config.xml

According to the recipe provided in the book, you then launch cherokee-admin and configure the server via the webui (it should be listening on port 9090). They walk you through the setup of a remote host using the info in your config.xml file, creating a virtual host and then giving it a handler. There's also info on using a regex facility to serve static files.

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