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Has anybody used the Sonatype Insight-Application Health Checker ? It requires you to scan your application ( war, jar, zip etc ) and then uploads its findings onto the Sonatype Insight Server. After this, you get the report via the email which also contains an online link to the interactive report.

The problem that i find with this approach is that my application composition details get uploaded to a remote server ( outside my organizational control ) and then the report gets published at an online link which can be accessed by anyone. I do not want this. Is there a way to generate this report without uploading the details to the 'remote server' ?

But the bigger question is, are application owners and organizations ready to share their application composition details to a server outside their reach while performing IP audits on their applications ?

Please let me know what the general pereception about this is ?

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Generally, if you're only sending meta-data about your open source usage - that's not sensitive information. If you have privacy issues, you can also check out White Source software that provide similar service on cloud.

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lots of people use the system to generate a quick and easy manifest of their application based on open source component use. If you a are concerned about anyone else theoretically knowing what open source components you are using, then you may be interested in our on-premises version of this tool for enterprises.

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