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I am getting a reduce/reduce conflict for the following grammar in bison because n is also an epsilon production.

m   :                       {$$=line_no;}
n   :                       {   

    : IF '(' expression ')' m statement         %prec THAN
    | IF '(' expression ')' m statement n ELSE m statement
    | SWITCH '(' expression ')' statement

How do I modify this to remove this conflict?

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As you say, the problem is the epsilon reduction of n, which needs to be associated with the shift of the ELSE. The problem will occur in exactly the same circumstance as the "ambiguous" else, since it will not be clear to which if statement the n belongs.

The obvious and easy solution is to move the n after the ELSE since it does not make any difference whether the reduction action happens before or after the shift, and after the shift it is clear even to an LALR parser.

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Your grammar doesn't seem to use the value of m. So you might as well remove all references to m and its rule.

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