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Im new here in the forum and I need some help with a script!

First of all, sorry about my english.. its not the best lol

Ok, lets go then..

I have a script that login on SAP extract some reports and that`s it..

But i have to run that at 3 a.m every work day..

So i've made a task scheduler on windows..

When i was testing it, ive logged in on windows some time before ive schedule and the AHK scrip was like "runing", but nothing was happening!

Any help? Please!

Thank u guys!

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To clarify: your script must 1) login to another system, 2) do some work, 3) return some result and exit, is that correct?

If that is correct:
1) break you script down into the above 3 parts
2) run each part separately with as much logging as you can to check that each stage completes normally and find out where and how it fails if it fails by reading the logs.
3) only proceed to next part of the script when the previous part is working.

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On the log it say`s that the work was successfully done! But it not works, when I start the task by right click > run it does work, my problem is to run the scrip while the windows is logged off – user1791345 Nov 1 '12 at 14:03
Scheduled task was "started or attempted to start" is not the same as the job completed successfully. I would define a successful job as one that completes ALL tasks. Winz scheduler defines it slightly differently. That is the reason why I suggested for you to split the script and test and run each part separately. I suspect that it fails to login to remote system because it does not know which user credentials to use, when you run the same task by "right-click" it runs using your user credentials by default. – Germann Arlington Nov 1 '12 at 16:21

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