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I checked Windows Phone 8 SDK document, and find that we can read the data from SD card, but we can't write something to it, is my understanding right?

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You can get read-only access to specified files on SD cards using the ExternalStorage API and ID_CAP_REMOVABLE_STORAGE capability, but you cannot write to this storage.

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Third party applications cannot write directly to anything outside the application's IsolatedStorage.

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UC browser is able to export files to the sd card though. I think they have access to an extended API not available to regular developers, I've tried reaching out to them as to how they did it but so far I have not got a reply. So, yes it is possible, but the clever hack or method implemented by them is not public. Here is some more information,

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I hope it's alright now, edited. – Louis Mar 22 '14 at 7:09

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