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I have a test class that should basically be like the following:

public class MyTest
    private MyClass o1;
    private MyClass o2;

    private void PrepareObjects()
        o1 = new MyClass();
        o2 = new MyClass();

    public void TestEquality()

But when I run the tests, I get a NullReferenceException. If I put breakpoints inside PrepareObjects and TestEquality then I can see that TestInitialize has not been invoked by the time TestEquality is.

Changing PrepareObjects from private to public fixes this. Why?

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The test framework is only looking for public methods. Similarly, if you make TestEquality private, that won't run, and if you make MyTest internal, then nothing shown will run.

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The simplicity and retrospective obviousness of this answer reminds me of the hour of my life that I will never get back. –  Mendhak Jan 23 at 15:38

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