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I defined two classes: Player and HelloWorldLayer. In HelloWorldLayer, I defined a member variable: NSArray *bullets. In Player, I defined a member variable HelloWorldLayer *hwLayer. Now in one of Player's function, I want to visit bullets with hwLayer.bullets, but it doesn't work and gives a compile error. I've attached screen shots - can anyone help me determine what's wrong?






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You forward-declare HelloWorldLayer in the header

@class HelloWorldLayer;

It lets you declare _hwlayer instance variable. However, it is not sufficient to start using its properties: but you must import the header that contains HelloWorldLayer into the .m file that references bullets.

Alternatively, you can use the square bracket syntax, like this:

[_hwlayer bullets]

This does not require importing the header.

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Yeah,I have fixed that issue with your suggestion,It is because of i didn't import HelloWorldLayer'h in Player.m.Thanks very much! –  Chailie Nov 1 '12 at 13:27
@Chailie You are welcome! If your problem is now fixed, please accept the answer by clicking the grey outline of check mark next to it. This would indicate to others that you are no longer looking for an improved solution, and earn you a new badge on Stack Overflow. –  dasblinkenlight Nov 1 '12 at 13:35

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