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I am stuck on this issue on which I need some help.
I have a general result having different columns including id column. I also have a List which has a set of id's. I want to get result where List item(id) matches the Id column value.
I tried doing this in a loop :

foreach(int Uid in idList)
    queryResults = queryResults.Where(security => security.id== Uid);

But this gives me single record in queryResults which is for the last Uid in List.
What I want is, records for all Uid's in List should be there in queryResults.

Please let me know if my query is not clear.

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You will need to match the id of every item to the id's stored in your idList. This can be achieved by means of the Where-extension used on your queryResult in combination with the Contains-method used on the idList:

var idList = new List<int>{1, 2, 3, 4} // This is your list holding the ids
var result = queryResult.Where(security => idList.Contains(security.SecuritiesId));

This will check for every item of the queryResult whether its SecuritiesId is contained in the list containing the relevant ids.

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