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I have created a table in hive, I would like to know which directory my table is created in? I would like to know the path...

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DESCRIBE FORMATTED my_table PARTITION (my_column='my_value');

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This answer is excellent... Thank you very much Joe... I can find every thing here about my table. – Muneer Basha Syed Nov 2 '12 at 19:05
This works very fine.. Any idea how we can see all partitions info in one command? – minhas23 Sep 10 at 7:08

in hive 0.1 you can use SHOW CREATE TABLE to find the path where hive store data.

in other versions, there is no good way to do this.


thanks Joe K

use DESCRIBE FORMATTED <table> to show table information.

ps: database.tablename is not supported here.

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What can I do to see that info for a table in the non default database. I can't provide the database in that command? – ludwigm Jul 11 '13 at 21:48
use databasename; – pensz Jul 16 '13 at 10:48

Further to pensz answer you can get more info using:



DESCRIBE EXTENDED my_table PARTITION (my_column='my_value');
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Please see this question: Where does Hive store its files in HDFS?.
I think it might solve your question.

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If you use Hue, you can browse the table in the Metastore App and then click on 'View file location': that will open the HDFS File Browser in its directory.

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All HIVE managed tables are stored in the below HDFS location.

hadoop fs -ls /user/hive/warehouse/databasename.db/tablename
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in the 'default' directory if you have not specifically mentioned your location.

you can use describe and describe extended to know about the table structure.

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You can use below commands for the same.

show create table <table>;
desc formatted <table>;
describe formatted <table>;
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There are three ways to describe a table in Hive.

1) To see table primary info of Hive table, use describe table_name; command

2) To see more detailed information about the table, use describe extended table_name; command

3) To see code in a clean manner use describe formatted table_name; command to see all information. also describe all details in a clean manner.

Resource: Hive interview tips

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