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I am writing a script to obtain all the unique SSIDs present around and also some client information. To do the same I am running the following:

tshark -i mon0 -c 100 -z "proto,colinfo,wlan_mgt.tag.interpretation,wlan_mgt.tag.interpretation"

This was running fine with tethereal. Tags for SSID, Current channel were displayed. But I get only the following with tshark :

wlan_mgt.tag.interpretation == "802.11n (Pre) OUI"
wlan_mgt.tag.interpretation == "802.11n (Pre) HT information"
wlan_mgt.tag.interpretation == "802.11n (Pre) OUI"
wlan_mgt.tag.interpretation == "HT additional information (802.11n D1.00)"
wlan_mgt.tag.interpretation == "Not interpreted"
wlan_mgt.tag.interpretation == "Not interpreted"

The above is shown even for beacons where even other tags like SSID and current channel are present.

I am particularly interested in the SSIDs and channel.

I am running this on Backtrack 5 (R3)

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