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So, I have a c++ solution which contains 3 project ( 2 DLL, and 1 .exe).

here's the basic dependencies representation:

Application --> DLL2

Application --> DLL1

DLL2 --> DLL1

The problem I have is that DLL2 (when building it) does generate the .dll but doesn't generate the .lib and .exp I need to reference properly DLL2 in the Application project. However, DLL1 does generate these files and I've compared DLL1's settings to DLL2's, and I can't find what the difference could be.

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The simple explanation for that is that you just forgot to export anything. The linker won't create a .lib/.exp file if there are no exports. You can verify this by running dumpbin.exe /exports on the DLL. With the expectation that you see nothing.

Use __declspec(dllexport) to export symbols from the DLL. Or a .def file.

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The problem was that DLL2 had only .h files and no content in any of the associated .cpp files. So the IDE didn't see the neccesity of creating the .lib file.

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thanks this answer helped me. also i have to add at least one static __declspec(dllexport) method to make lib file appear –  javapowered Mar 4 '13 at 20:19

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