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My search method is smelly and bloated, and I need some help refactoring it. I'm new to Ruby, and I haven't figured out how to leverage it effectively, which leads to bloated methods like this:

  # discussion.rb
    # If there is a search query, use Tire gem for fulltext search
    if params[:query].present? true) do
        query { string params[:query] }

    # Otherwise grab all discussions based on category and/or filter

      # Grab all discussions and include the author
      discussions = self.includes(:author)

      # Filter by category if there is one specified
      discussions = discussions.where(category: params[:category]) if params[:category]

      # If params[:filter] is provided, user it
      if params[:filter]
        case params[:filter]
        when 'hot'
          discussions =
        when 'new'
          discussions =
        when 'top'
          discussions =
          # If params[:filter] does not match the above three states, it's probably a status
          discussions = discussions.order_by_new.where(status: params[:filter])

        # If no filter is passed, just grab discussions by hot
        discussions =

  STATUSES   = {
    question:   %w[answered],
    suggestion: %w[started completed declined],
    problem:    %w[solved]

  scope :order_by_hot,  order('...') DESC, created_at DESC")
  scope :order_by_new,  order('created_at DESC')
  scope :order_by_top,  order('votes_count DESC, created_at DESC')

This is a Discussion model that can be filtered (or not) by a category: question, problem, suggestion.

All discussions or a single category can be filtered further by hot, new, votes, or status. Status is a hash in the model and it has several values depending on the category (status filter only appears if params[:category] is present).

Complicating matters is a fulltext search feature using Tire

But my controller looks nice and tidy:

  def index
    @discussions =

Can I dry this up/refactor it a little, maybe using meta programming or blocks? I managed to extract this out of the controller, but then ran out of ideas. I don't know Ruby well enough to take this further.

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For starters, "Grab all discussions based on category and/or filter" can be a separate method.

params[:filter] is repeated many times, so take that out at the top:

filter = params[:filter]

You can use

if [:hot, :new, :top].incude? filter
  discussions = "order_by_#{filter}"

Also, factor out if then else if case else statements. I prefer break into separate methods and return early:

def do_something
  return 'foo' if ...
  return 'bar' if ...

discussions = discussions... appears many times, but looks weird. Can you use return discussions... instead?

Why does the constant STATUSES appear at the end? Usually constants appear at the top of the model.

Be sure to write all your tests before refactoring.

To respond to the comment about return 'foo' if ...:


def evaluate_something
  if a==1
    return 'foo'
  elsif b==2
    return 'bar'
    return 'baz'

I suggest refactoring this to:

def evaluate_something
  return 'foo' if a==1
  return 'bar' if b==2

Perhaps you can refactor some of your if..then..else..if statements.

Recommended book: Clean Code

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Perfect. Thank you. I ended up with this: -- As for the constants, they are at the top; I just pasted them at the bottom for clarity. – dee Nov 1 '12 at 15:02
PS: Not sure what you meant by return 'foot' if, though. And the duplicate discussions = discussions, I took that out, but I have to leave it for where clauses, otherwise nothing comes back. – dee Nov 1 '12 at 15:04
@dee - Answer is updated to respond to your comment. – B Seven Nov 1 '12 at 15:24

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