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I'm looking for an elegant way to prepend models to a collection when adding them. In the Backbone source code there is an unshift method to do just that, but the add method for adding models to a collection is too complex to simply extend. I'm building a slide show that depends on photos and tweets and should always show the newest on top, oldest last. Simplification of my problem:

Initialize app, API call returns:

apple, banana, lemon

So, apple is the newest slide. The collection is built:

apple, banana, lemon

After interval, API call checks if there are newer fruits, result:


Collection appends model:

(apple, banana, lemon), orange

That's not what I want; orange is the newest fruit, and apple after that. But, in this case I could reverse my initial collection before appending and re-reverse when drawing slides. Now, things get more complex (I added parentheses to clarify):

API call checks for even more fruits:

pineapple, kiwi

Collection appends new models one by one:

((apple, banana, lemon), orange), pineapple, kiwi

So now from new to old, my collection looks like this:

((not so old, older, oldest), pretty new), brand new, new

Which makes absolutely no sense :)

Ofcourse, changing the API response could make my life easier, but that's currently not an option; also, it shouldn't really matter as the order of items in the response is new -> old which is fine by me.

I couldn't find an out of the box solution for this and I don't want to overcomplicate things by cloning part of the backbone source just to unshift new models. Suggestions? Thanks!

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How would unshift not work? From the docs "Add a model at the beginning of a collection. Takes the same options as add." –  JayC Nov 1 '12 at 14:23
Because I don't manually add a model to the collection, I use an interval to fetch json from the server and Backbone appends each object as a model to the collection. Sure I could intervene and use unshift but that would have complexified my code (maybe I should have pointed out that my API endpont is not a real representation of my collection, it's a sort of 'streaming' collection) –  Phortuin Nov 1 '12 at 15:17

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If the models have some kind of date or time associated with them or indeed any other kind of ordering (you can potentially add one manually if needed) you can sort the collection by implementing the comparator function in your collection. See:


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Thanks!! Don't know how I overlooked that in the docs. Problem solved: this.collection.comparator = function(model) { return -model.get("time"); } –  Phortuin Nov 1 '12 at 15:12
For those who got stuck on a reverse created_at comparator not working, don't forget to parse the string before negating! function(model) { return -Date.parse(model.get('created_at')) } –  Greg Funtusov Dec 10 '14 at 20:33

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