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Im inside a spl_autoload_register() registered function. Here I can get the classname, but how to determine which namespace it is?

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It does not happen automatically or by a PHP function you must structure you application in such a way that the spl_autoload_register can identify that –  Framework Nov 1 '12 at 14:34

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If you want the current namespace:

namespace MyProject;

echo '"', __NAMESPACE__, '"'; // outputs "MyProject"

else you store in a config file or by(stated in the comment by application structure) I suppose...

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Try this example. You can define a class that handle your calls

namespace Example;

#Define a classLoader object
class Loader{
 * Construct and set the autoloader class handler
public function __construct() {
    spl_autoload_register(array($this, 'loadClass'));

 * This method is called when an object is loaded
 * @param string $args
public function loadClass($args){
    //REMOVE: this is only for killing the process

//Create your autoloader object
new Loader();

//Calling some class
new \Some\Name\Space\Example();

You should get some response like this.

string(23) "Some\Name\Space\Example"
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