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Simple question can I stop a jquery function with media queries.

I have a jQuery slideshow that I want to stop when the window gets to phone size so i can adjust the layout.

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Media Queries are a CSS3 concept and not a javascript feature. So utilising media queries in javascript means, in supporting implementations, querying the CSS API of the browser for values.


window.matchMedia() is what you call from javascript as such

var mq = window.matchMedia( "(min-width: 500px)" );
if (mq.matches) {  
    // window width is at least 500px  
else {  
    // window width is less than 500px  

Which in turn brings us to the classical question, "what is the browser support for it?"!
In my opinion, pretty low as this relies on functionalities more commonly found in modern browsers.

Any Hope?

There is a js project that allows enquiring about the state of affairs from the browser, encapsulated behind clean api calls called Enquire.js with some explaination and tuts



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I don't think that's possible, although someone may be able to prove me wrong;

We handle a similar kind of issue on our websites by re-arranging our menus if the screen width is less than 768px. So you could do something like this on document.ready()

if ($(window).width() > 767) {
  // Start jquery slideshow here

We also account for the browser being resized by doing something like below by wrapping the width check in a function.

$(window).resize(function() {

function StartSlideshow() {
    if ($(window).width() > 767) {
      // Start jquery slideshow here

If you do this you'll also need to call the function on document.ready!

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If you mean css3 media queries, I don't know a way you can.

But something like this:

function windowSizeCheck(){
  if($(window).width() > (minSizeforSlideShow) && $(window).height() > (minHeightforSlideShow){

...might do the trick. Call it on load and resize events ( $(window).resize() )

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