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In fullcalendar, rather than differentiating events by colour, I'd like to show them in vertical 'swim lanes' in the day view, e.g.

       Calendar 1 | Calendar 2 | Calendar 3
  9am  event 1      event 2
 10am                            event 3
 11am               event 4      event 5
 12am  event 6


Any suggestions as to the best and quickest approach, e.g. my first thoughts are

a) styling events to give them a width and a horizontal offset, e.g. with four lanes, events would be 25% width, Calendar 2 events would be left=25% of the containing day view. Calendar headings could be added above the calendar component.

b) putting multiple calendar components on the page next to each other.

A bit of an early stage brainstorm rather than something with a specific right answer I know.

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Hey, did you found an answer? – mrks Dec 10 '14 at 20:56
No, I'm afraid not, to be honest I can't remember why I asked this back in 2012. It seems the current fullcalendar does show overlapping items a bit better than I think it used a couple of years ago to though. – Oliver Kohll Jan 2 at 20:45

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