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I've got a Rails (3.2.5) app using Devise (2.1.2) for auth.

Suppose I have this session cookie:

session_cookie = {
  "session_id"           => "{SESSION_ID}",
  "_csrf_token"          => "{CSRF_TOKEN}",
  "warden.user.user.key" => ["User", [{USER_ID}], "{ENCRYPTED_PASSWORD}"]

Is there a way I can "manually" validate it, i.e., ensure it's not a forgery by directly calling a method on Devise or Warden? I'm imagining something like this: Devise::SomeModule.is_session_cookie_valid?(session_cookie), but in looking in the gems' code, haven't found anything that seems to do this.

If the information in session_cookie isn't sufficient, what else would I need?

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