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I'm in the middle of implementing a unit test infrastructure for a large C++ project, and due to political reasons I'm almost sure CppUnit will be pushed as the unit testing framework.

I'm trying to identify mock frameworks that blend with CppUnit. I've found mockpp, and I've heard that Google Mock should work.

What frameworks work alongside CppUnit?

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Mocking libraries are typically independent of the unit testing framework. They accomplish two different jobs, and frankly don't have much reason to talk to each other. Where they do integrate is in answering these questions:

  • When should I create my mock objects?
  • When should I initialize the mock objects with my expectations?
  • When should I validate the mocks were called as expected?

And you do that at the appropriate points in your tests.

For one example, check opmock. http://sourceforge.net/projects/opmock/

According to their wiki, opmock is easily called from a CppUnit test. See http://sourceforge.net/p/opmock/wiki/Using%20Opmock%20with%20other%20unit%20testing%20frameworks/

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