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Hi i have a combobox like this:

<select name="tayuda" id="mySelect">
 <option value="" selected>Seleccionar</option>             
 <option value="Denuncia" <?=($info['tayuda']=='Denuncia')?'selected':''?>>Denuncia</option>
 <option value="Reclamo" <?=($info['tayuda']=='Reclamo')?'selected':''?>>Reclamo</option>
 <option value="Consulta" <?=($info['tayuda']=='Consulta')?'selected':''?>>Consulta</option>
 <option value="Otro" <?=($info['tayuda']=='Otro')?'selected':''?>>Otro</option>

and i want to hide 3 fieldsets if option value="Consulta" is selected or if there is no selection.

how can i get it work?

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You may have a look here

JQuery Hide Div when Option is Selected

Would require minor modifications.

jQuery(document).ready(function() {
   jQuery("#mySelect").change(function() {
      var opt-selected = jQuery(this).find("option:selected").val()
      if(opt-selected == "Consulta" || opt-selected == "") {
      } else {


Might need some css

.multiples {
  display: none;
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Implement on change event on select control. There check for value and if value is COnsulta or empty, hide fielsets (set their css visibility atribute to hidden).

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thanks, i know that what i need is help doing this with javascript. –  user995691 Nov 1 '12 at 15:27

maybe something like this ?

  function hideField(){
    var e = document.getElementById("mySelect");
     var strUser = e.options[e.selectedIndex].value;

     if( strUser == 'Consulta' ) {
     else if( strUser == '' ) {

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