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I am crating a little application with MVC4, I create the data base and every time a user call a url in a phone like myweb.com/xxxuuu, was able to show the information.

But now I would like to split the info like name and telephone when you click in my info. Another click on Links to show My email and facebooklink.

 public ActionResult Entry2(string id)
        DataSet1.userDataTable table = adapter.GetDatafromuserprofile(id);

        ViewBag.username = table.Rows[0]["username"].ToString();

        ViewData["userid"] = table.Rows[0]["userid"].ToString();

        ViewData["username"] = table.Rows[0]["username"].ToString();

        ViewData["userphone"] = table.Rows[0]["userphone"].ToString();

        ViewData["useremail"] = table.Rows[0]["useremail"].ToString();

        ViewData["userlink1"] = table.Rows[0]["userlink1"].ToString();

        ViewData["userlink2"] = table.Rows[0]["userlink2"].ToString();

        ViewData["usermessage"] = table.Rows[0]["usermessage"].ToString();

        return View();

        //var midata = adapter.obtenervalor(id);

This is my router:

    name: "Profile",
    url: "{id}",
    defaults: new { controller = "Me", action = "Entry2" }

but I can't find the way to send the id to the controller and get the additional data for the user xxxuuu.

I hope this is clear and you can give me a solution. This is the initial result for my view but when I click on My Links I am returning a null value.

ID: xxxuuu
•   Navigation
•   My Info
•   Contact Me
•   My Links
•   My Message
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