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I would like to convert a Khoros Visualization Image – .XV or .VIFF extension – to bitmap. I've tried

convert tree.xv tree.bmp

but it returns a black image, while the original is similar to the following:

convertion by ImageMagick How it should be

I've looked into this ImageMagick description and it apparently supports this format:

The ImageMagick utilities recognize the following image formats:

Name Mode Description

VIFF *rw+ Khoros Visualization image

Is it possible to convert a .XV image to .BMP or .PNG using ImageMagick?

If someone would like to test, download an example of the figure here.

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I was solving the same problem (probably on the same Brodatz dataset :-)). My solution was just using GraphicsMagick.

While ImageMagick returned a black image (same problem as yours), the GraphicsMagick package worked good for me. The usage is very similiar, you just add gm at the beginning:

gm convert tree.xv tree.bmp 
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The bug in ImageMagick will be fixed in version 6.8.7-0.

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Hi, @dlemstra! Can you point me a link about this bug? – Yamaneko Sep 19 '13 at 20:26
There is no link to this bug. I saw this post and fixed the problem in ImageMagick. Version 6.8.7-0 will be the next release and it will include this fix. – dlemstra Sep 20 '13 at 10:53

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