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I'm trying to change the formula within a shape without selecting it but keep getting a run-time error.

Below are some of the code I've tried so far:

    Sheets("Quote").Shapes.Range(Array("Rectangle 87")).Formula = " =CommAnnualOutput"
    Sheets("Quote").Shapes("Rectangle 87").Formula = " =CommAnnualOutput"
    Sheets("Quote").Shapes("Rectangle 87").DrawingObjects.Formula = " =CommAnnualOutput"

None of these seem to work. Is there a way to change the formula without selecting the shape first?

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Please find the answer to your question here:

Link cell with Excel Shape

Good luck

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I had seen this question but it didn't seem to work. It turns out it was because I'd left a space between before the second equals sign which was giving a run-time error. Thanks for your help! –  evoandy Nov 1 '12 at 15:56
you are welcome, enjoy the progress in your project! –  K_B Nov 1 '12 at 16:12

You missed two characters on your last try. That would be

Sheets("Quote").Shapes("Rectangle 87").DrawingObject.Formula = "=CommAnnualOutput"
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