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I have the following script which works fine:

$(".txtDate").datepicker( {
    changeMonth: true,
    changeYear: true,
    yearRange: "+0:+1",
    showButtonPanel: false,
    dateFormat: "dd/mm/yy",
    onSelect: function(dateText, obj){
        test_function( dateText );
} );

$('.txtDate').datepicker( "setDate" , new Date() );

function test_function( strDate ) {
    alert( strDate );

It datepicker enables the HTML control .txtDate, it displays todays' date in .txtDate by default when the webpage loads, and it also displays an alert if I choose another date from the datepicker.

My question is, how do I get the datepicker to execute test_function when the page loads so it displays the default date in an alert set by the datepicker when the page loads?

The alert test_function is just a test to see when the datepicker executes other functions, the end result will be a lot more complex.

Also, I have a widget based website, which lets people add many of the same widget on the page at once, which means I will have many .txtDate controls. So I can't just get the value of .txtDate, I will need to find the closest one based on $(this).

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You try to call this test_function() function in page load, so you can able to get the datepicker default value in page load like,

<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">
   $('.txtDate').datepicker( "setDate" , new Date() );     

function test_function() {
   alert( $("#txtDate").val() );

You dont need to pass any parameter values to this js function.

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Please see the end of my question, your solution will not work. –  oshirowanen Nov 1 '12 at 16:15
So you have many .txtDate controls in your page. This .txtDate control should be in table/div. so you can get table/div id. You will use Closest / find to get the .txtDate values like $("#tblId").find('.txtDate').val(); –  Manikandan Sethuraju Nov 2 '12 at 5:39
try above one, Suppose its not working for you, add your sample html codes with your question... –  Manikandan Sethuraju Nov 2 '12 at 5:49

Try with this

 function addLoadEvent(func) {
       var oldonload = window.onload;
       if (typeof window.onload != 'function') {
         window.onload = func;
       } else {
         window.onload = function() {
           if (oldonload) {


    function incompleteForm()
       alert( $("#txtDate").val() );
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