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I have a cloudfront distribution that serves files from AWS S3.

Check the following files:



If you take a look at the headers, you'll realize that BOTH files contain the entry:


Both are properly gzipped in the S3 bucket as it should be.

But when served from Cloudfront, the content-encoding is not coming:



Any idea why this is happening?

I also checked the Cloudfront endpoints:



And the problem remains the same.

EDIT: Looks like after an invalidation everything is working properly again, so you will be unable to test the URIs I've given.

All I can think about is that the S3 bucket makes the file available and a only a while after is that the headers become available, causing sometimes the headers getting skipped.

How can I prevent this? Other than setting my uploading files to sleep for a while before letting my web servers know there's a new version?

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