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Could anyone please explain to me what is wrong here?


public class test {

    int num1 = 1, num2 = 2;



It errors on "num1=num1+num2;" saying "Syntax error on token ";", , expected"


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You cannot put arbitrary statements, such as num1=num1+num2; at class level. Statements must always be inside methods, constructors or (static or non-static) initializer blocks.

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God bless you my friend! – user1571299 Nov 1 '12 at 15:53

Your assignment isn't in a method or static initialiser block. Briefly, when do you expect it to execute ?

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You're adding outside of a method, do so in the main and make num1/2 static, or do so in another method, not in blank space.

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You have not given your code a method, so your summation is not in the right place.

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put this num1=num1+num2; inside a method or an initializaton block, you cant put assignment statements outside methods/constructors/initialization blocks.



  public void m1() {
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