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I have a <div id="content" class="clearfix"></div> which self populates with a list of image urls from a separate directory on my server.

Here is the live URL for the site :

I want to use infinite scroll and masonry plugins in this div.

However, I'm unsure of how to point towards a list of image urls with this script...

Here is how it is coded now and does not work.


    var $container = $('#content');

        itemSelector: '.box',
        columnWidth: 250

      navSelector  : '#content',    // selector for the paged navigation 
      nextSelector : '#content a',  // selector for the NEXT link (to page 2)
      itemSelector : '.box',     // selector for all items you'll retrieve
      loading: {
          finishedMsg: 'No more pages to load.',
          img: ''
      // trigger Masonry as a callback
      function( newElements ) {
        // hide new items while they are loading
        var $newElems = $( newElements ).css({ opacity: 0 });
        // ensure that images load before adding to masonry layout
          // show elems now they're ready
          $newElems.animate({ opacity: 1 });
          $container.masonry( 'appended', $newElems, true ); 

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Can you render all your images?

My favorite way is first paginating the image items, then apply:

itemSelector <---> class of each item. (in your case, it can be each image)

navSelector <---> id of pagination element

nextSelector <---> point to element (link to next page) in pagination

And I just make the pagination display none.

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What do you mean render all my images? is there anyway you can give an example code of how to paginate a div? How do you make he pagination display none? – MrSeth Nov 1 '12 at 18:04

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